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Redoal provides fully rebranded versions of our existing product range, allowing your organisation to rapidly enter the mobile messaging and location based services industry with minimal capital expenditure. By providing a range of flexible wholesale and bill-on-behalf affiliate arrangements, redcoal allows you to create additional revenue streams without investing in expensive transactional billing infrastructure. Supported by a dedicated account manager as well as marketing collateral, redcoal provides your organisation with ongoing sales and technical support to ensure your product becomes a success.

Rebranded Solutions: Mobile Workforce Management – Asset Tracking

redcoal can provide your organisation with a fully rebranded version of the SimPoint interface, giving you the ability to provide your customers with a range of location based services using mobile phone tracking and/or GPS technology.


- Integrated SMS messaging provides 2-way communication with field staff at a fraction of the cost of standard fixed line to mobile calls.
- Geofencing capability allows managers to create alerts when a field unit enters or leaves a designated zone.
- Sophisticated analysis tools allow managers to display the past locations of field staff and generate reports with ease.
- Option of automated or manual location requests.
- Easily display job sites and identify the nearest field unit.

Rebranded Solutions: SMS Messaging

Redcoal can provide your organisation with fully rebranded versions of our existing desktop SMS product suite. Our products have been successfully rebranded and deployed over thousands of desktops worldwide and are relied on by some of the largest telecommunication carriers and organisations in the world for mission critical business processes. By rebranding our existing range of SMS products, Redcoal can provide your organisation with a rapid, cost-effective entry point into the maturing SMS messaging industry.
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