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We have compiled an FAQ page for your needs. Please make a selection to read through a list of our most frequently asked questions about our services and products.

Interakt SMS FAQ

What is Interakt SMS?
Interakt SMS is a service allowing customers and staff to communicate with your organization via SMS messaging. It allows customers and staff to send an SMS message to a standard 04xx xxx xxx mobile phone number. This message is stored and forwarded to an email address or a website.

What is the difference between Interakt SMS and Email SMS
The principal difference between Interakt SMS and Email SMS is that with Interakt SMS, the external party (IE: Customer) can initiate the conversation whereas with Email SMS, the User (most likely you) must initiate the conversation.

How do I change the settings on my Interakt SMS account
Simply go to and click on the Interakt SMS tab. Here you are able to change your settings, view reports and manage your account.

How much does it cost to receive an SMS message
No charge

Once an SMS is received, what happens to it
You have the option of forwarding the SMS message to an email address or to a website via http: post. The message is also stored in our system for three month and can be viewed via the various reporting interfaces, accessible in the management interface.

Can I create an automatic bounceback SMS
Interakt SMS allows you to automatically send an SMS to the sender to confirm the message was received. This is configurable via the administrator interface accessible at

Can an Interakt SMS number receive MMS
No. You will need to purchase an Interakt MMS number, which is able to receive both MMS and SMS. For more information please call us on (02) 8299 4300.

Can you setup rules governing keywords etc
Yes you are able to setup different rules for different keywords via the administrator interface. This means that you can forward different SMS to different destinations based on the content of the message sent to you.

Can I request a custom 04xx xxx xxx number

Can I bill people for sending SMS to my number
Yes, however you will require a premium 19 xx xx xx number.

Can I have multiple 04xx xxx xx x numbers accessible via the one administration interface