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Rebranded and Resold by Redcoal – In 2004, redcoal was selected by Optus as the exclusive provider of dedicated mobile messaging services after an extensive tender process. This means, when you decide to use redcoal, you are using a carrier grade service that is continuously audited by one of the largest telecommunication organisations in Asia. You are also taking advantage of redcoal’s unique insight into mobile messaging technology. For more info go to

Broad Suite of SMS Service (future proof)

redcoal provides a broad suite of SMS interfaces (including XML, SMTP, Web, Outlook integration and FTP), as well as bespoke development capacity, ensuring that as our customer’s requirements evolve they will be able to use a single vendor and maintain a single point of contact. redcoal consistently adds new gateways/interfaces to their product suite in line with evolving business requirements.

Proven Innovation Track Record

Currently, redcoal is the only Australian vendor and one of 7 worldwide to enable the built in Outlook 2007 SMS functionality. In addition, redcoal has also demonstrated a willingness and ability to develop products to meet industry specific requirements, as illustrated by the deployment of the redcoal FTP SMS interface, designed in conjunction with the finance/insurance business customers.

Proactive transition support

redcoal provides proactive training and support to assist customers in transitioning to redcoal SMS services. This includes extensive support documentation as well as onsite training capacity.

Proven Messaging Interfaces

redcoal’s existing SMS services are extremely advanced and have been consistently matured over their lifetime. All interfaces/gateways are currently deployed within the Redcoal Business customer base.

Proven SMS Gateway

Use of a scalable, robust and secure message gateway hosted in a carrier grade environment. The platform successfully carries high volumes of messages daily ensuring outstanding reliability. redcoal consistently exceeds SLA’s mandated by our business customers.


redcoal’s SMS Gateway, secure websites and user authentication procedures ensures maximum security and privacy protection.